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Top 3 Healthy Eateries in McAllen

There was a time when the McAllen metro area was ranked as the “Fattest City in America”, but those days are long gone.  In a recent study done by WalletHub, McAllen jumped to 30th on the “2016 Fattest City in America” list, outranking fellow Texans, San Antonio/New Braunfels (8th) and Dallas-Fort Worth (15th).

McAllen came in 1st in the healthy environment category which rates cities by their active lifestyle ranking and access to healthy food.  It’s obvious city officials and local entrepreneurs took the 2012-2013 Fattest City in America designation personally.

Since then, the City of McAllen has gained national recognition for its Let’s Move McAllen campaign and was honored with a 2015 Playful City USA designation for the fourth time.

Along with the city, local business owners have done their part too, and we’ve seen a rise in healthy restaurant options.  Sure, plenty of restaurants offer low-calorie options, but these three spots have made healthy dining a priority.  Here’s my list of the top three healthy eateries in McAllen.

1. Fit-Fillet – Leading the healthy-eating charge is Fit-Fillet because it has all of the elements of a  healthy-dining restaurant in one.  You can dine in or purchase prepped meals if you’re on the run.  Fit-Fillet even has consulting services and portion plans perfect for every lifestyle, including a kids menu.  From healthy appetizers to savory salads and flavorful entrees, Fit-Fillet is a game-changer!



2. Green Owl Deli – The Green Owl Deli is a vegetarians dream come true.  It specializes in creating meatless versions of local favorites, including vegan tacos, tamales and nachos.  The Green Owl goes even further with its menu items, offering vegan desserts so delicious they’ll make the most carnivorous eaters take a second look.  Wash it down with a fresh, cold-pressed juice and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind meal.

3. Green Ceviche – The newest restaurant adding to McAllen’s healthy restaurant scene is Green Ceviche.  This place is truly unique.  Think of your favorite fro-yo spot crossed with the finest selection of fresh seafood and veggies, and you’ve got Green Ceviche.  Its create-your-own ceviche concept is simple; choose your size, pick your protein, toss in your toppings and select your sauce.  If you’re not into customized ceviche, don’t worry, its selection of house favorites has some flavorful combinations to choose from.

Living a healthy lifestyle has many elements to it, and thanks to these restaurants, eating healthy has just become easier.  From prepped meal mastery to vegan varieties and omega-3 artistry, healthy dining is tastier than ever in South Texas.


Photo credits: BRNDHub

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    Amanda Caballero
    March 28, 2016 at 8:10 am

    Great website!! I’m also a healthy lifestyle blogger from Mcallen and a Certified Health Coach. I also live by the same ideology of living a healthy happy balance life!
    Here is another delicious healthy restaurant you should check out GREENS & LEMONS. They serve fresh organic food, they have a variety of dishes and they are open also for breakfast. They have also delicious morning juices.

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      March 28, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      I’m glad you enjoy the site. Where can I find your blog?

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