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3 Tips To A Thinner Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means the holiday season here.  It’s a time to reflect on life and give thanks for what we have.  It doesn’t, however, mean you can throw everything you’ve worked hard for out the window when it comes to health and fitness.  Here are three things I do to keep my waistline in check on our most flavorful holiday.

Exercise in the morning

Keeping up with a fitness routine is tough during the holidays, especially when you’ve got friends and family in town or, even harder, when you’re out of town.  I schedule it so my easy run falls on Thanksgiving morning.  For me, it’s a light, 3-mile jog to get the blood pumping, metabolism firing and to start the day off on a high note.  Need a little extra motivation?  Sign up for your local Turkey Trot 5k, every city has one these days.

Eat Breakfast

I’ve been guilty of skipping breakfast on Thanksgiving morning because I used to think by skipping breakfast I would get a hall-pass to overindulge on my turkey day feast.  Instead, eat a small breakfast. It will help you keep your appetite in check while still saving some calories for your big meal later.

Skip the Seconds

I know, I know, this one is tough.  There are few meals I really look forward to, and turkey with the fixings is high on my list.  Also high on my list: Thanksgiving leftovers.  I’m not saying to skimp on your serving, but after you’re done eating, step away from the food for 15 minutes. Let your stomach send the signal to your brain, telling it you’ve had enough.

Somewhere along the line, we began associating Thanksgiving Day with overeating and watching the Dallas Cowboys play football, so here’s a bonus tip: Change the way you look at the holiday by focusing on what it’s really about and that’s spending time with family and friends.  There’s no denying the delicious eats on Thanksgiving, but by following a few simple tips you can truly enjoy the day while sparing yourself the guilt.


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