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Fitness Tips For Business Trips: Part III “Get A Workout In”

Get A Workout In

By this time you can see a common theme in the first two parts of Fitness Tips For Business Trips, and it shows how planning ahead is crucial.  Here are links to Part One “The Plan” and Part Two “Control Your Eating (and Drinking)”, if you haven’t read them yet.

I typically plan to get a couple workouts in when I’m traveling because being away from home is not an excuse to be lazy.  It’s actually quite the opposite for me.  I look at it as an opportunity to explore a new running trail or park when I’m in a different city.  There’s no better way to discover a new place than on foot.

I mentioned in Part 1 “The Plan” how I make sure to get certain workouts in before I leave on a trip: for example, a 10-mile run or a certain weight workout.  Planning ahead gives me the opportunity to get a quality workout on the road with the situation I’m given.

Based on my expertise with hotels not only as a traveler but from working in the hotel industry for seven years, I know on-site fitness centers do not have dumbbells heavier than 50 pounds.  I’m not sure why, but it’s obviously some kind of safety regulation.  Knowing I am limited by the amount of weight I’m working with, I plan my shoulder workout when I’m on the road rather than a chest workout that requires heavier weights and safer equipment.  My shoulder workout is a familiar routine I do using dumbbells when I’m home, and it’s perfect when I’m on the road.  It doesn’t have to be shoulders for you though.  If there’s something you typically do with dumbbells then it can be done in a hotel fitness center.

When I’m in a different city I look forward to getting a run in because the change of scenery makes my run interesting.  With more and more emphasis on fitness these days, communities are building neighborhoods and parks with trail systems, so do a Google search or ask the front desk for a suggestion on the best places to put in a few miles.

Travel Tip: Ditch the headphones when you’re running in an unfamiliar place. Not only does it help you appreciate the natural beauty around you, but you can keep an ear out for cars or other dangerous situations.

I make frequent trips to Austin, Texas where there’s no shortage of places to run outdoors.  There’s also no shortage of friends to visit either so I kill two birds with one stone, and I invite my friends to join me on a run.  They know the area better so I ask them to show me a unique spot.  Schedule your slow run during a business trip so if you’re running with a buddy you can carry a conversation and catch up on life without huffing and puffing too much.  Everybody wins in this situation.

Even if you don’t have someone to run with or you don’t feel safe running in a new place, the hotel has a treadmill.  I typically don’t mind running on treadmills, but there’s something about a hotel treadmill that just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe because it’s in a small room or because I know I could be outdoors running.  Nonetheless, I’ll do it if I have to.

Whether it’s a vacation visiting family or you’re a regular road warrior, being away from home is no excuse to forget about health and fitness.  Not only will you feel reenergized when you get back to your normal, day-to-day routine, but you’ll be more focused and productive on your trip.  After all, you’ve worked hard to get where you are, so maintaining your healthy lifestyle should be part of the itinerary.

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