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    EP 26: BOOGÁT

    On this episode of 3 SHOTS 3 QUESTIONS we’re with award-winning, Mexican-Canadian emcee, Latin music artist, Boogát. He’s mixing hip-hop style lyrics with electronic sounds and traditional Latin rhythms, creating music…

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    EP 25: Gracie Chavez

    In this special SXSW edition of 3 SHOTS 3 QUESTIONS​, I’m with Gracie Chavez​, DJ/Producer and Co-Founder of Bombón – Texas​. They’re pioneering an Urban Latin music movement in Houston, and…

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    EP 24: Gio Chamba

    Gio Chamba combines cumbia rhythms with groovy guitar riffs and Latin-style hip-hop, creating a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and we find out how it all got started. #3SHOTS…

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    EP 23: Raymond Orta

      Raymond Orta is one of the hottest stand-up comedians ever to come from South Texas, and we find out how he went from frat-house fundraiser to full-time funnyman on the…

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    EP 22: Alvaro Del Norte

    Alvaro Del Norte is the lead singer/accordionist for the Tex-Mex punk rock band Piñata Protest. The Mexican-born frontman combines traditional norteño rhythms with upbeat, punk rock attitude, and we find out…