From mixtape superstar to Netflix comedy special, Chingo Bling has entertained crowds for more than a decade, and we find out, how it all got started






3 SHOTS 3 QUESTIONS with CHINGO BLING (transcript)

 NTFG:             You are a man of many monikers

Chingo Blingo with the big tamarindo, El Rey de foreplay. What else am I missing?


CHINGO: The Ghetto Vaquero, the Versaci Mariachi, the Masa Messiah Sasstradamus himself

NTFG:       On this episode of 3 Shots 3 Questions we’re with the OG Tamale Kingpin himself, Chingo Bling. From mixtape superstar, to Netflix comedy special, he’s entertained crowds for more than a decade and we find out how it all got started

Chingo, thank you for joining us on 3 Shots 3 Questions man

CHINGO:  Yeah man I was a little worried, little scared, but I trained my liver. I gave my liver a pep talk I said look man these are sacrifices we gotta make. This is what you do man. It’s three shots. It’s not two shots Chingo, and I thought. I was like maybe one of them could be water but you know I couldn’t live with myself. You know I was like man that’s the agave nectar of the Gods.

NTFG:       The beverage of choice of our people

CHINGO:        yeah

NTFG:       We’ll take a shot of tequila I’ll ask you a question, and then we repeat that for questions two and three.

CHINGO:        You know maybe space them out a lil bit but yeah. Oh, we, shit.

NTFG:             Yeah we jump right into it so.

:: salud :: boom ::

NTFG:             How did the Chingo Bling character come to be?

CHINGO:  Imagination. Honestly man yeah that’s that’s kind of the answer because I knew I wanted to get in the game right, so I was I was a college radio DJ so I felt like man I have a hip-hop show Sunday night in San Antonio. People that are locked up you know tuning in. People that were cruising military like the hood the streets were like tuning in.

I felt like I had my foot in the game, and when I wanted to …man people

asking me to rap

because I used to freestyle on my radio show and that’s

where the Chingo Bling persona came about

because I’d be like what’s up man

you’re tuning in think it was 91 7 KRTU

I’m rusty

it’s 91 7 KRTU is the hip

hop Chop Shop the middleman mix show it’s your boy

I was DJ BIZ at the time

cuz I was a business major and I was about my paper

you know what I’m sayin’

and then and I was like hold on hold on hold on

Man, my primo Chingo man

he’s in town man from Mexico, and this fool

he’s blowing me up man

hey man you’re late fool!

come on Chingo, you can’t be doing that shit

“esperate guey, esperate

ya llege guey, esperate”

you know what I’m saying and

it’s like man come on I know you’re not fixna rap

“si guey, esperate, una rimas

apenas, la sabe, apenas apenititas guey

i didn’t even write ’em down puto”

and the hood went nuts.

I’d go make me a Jersey at one of the

malls like South Park Mall or something ,and I’d put like my name, like I’d put Chingo Bling on the back

so I put on the hat and I went to Goodwill got some

boots you know. I was on the budget.

and some shorts I was like yeah I was like

fuck it I’m gonna put a do-rag

I think in the beginning I even had like a little

wig like a chongo

just to make it like just mas spicy like

like a mullet just like extreme

I was like the new kid right

who had like a gimmick, who was a little

different the new kid that was kind of testing the boundaries of like

you know, what’s too far

and a lot of people were trying to baller block me

a lot of industry people

but we still here and we on 3 Shots and motherfucker

you can still try to baller block, but we still made it


NTFG:             If you’re ready to move on to the second shot and second question


CHINGO:        Jesus

NTFG:             I got a great one for you

CHINGO:        ay diosito

ay diosito

yo no puedo, diosito


Viva Mexico!

you know it’s a good thing you don’t do all three shots at once in the beginning

because then the story would

be a lot different

NTFG:             when did you decide I’m gonna do stand-up comedy?


CHINGO:        I had tried it

it several times before I actually committed

from one day to the next you

can’t go from rapper to stand up

you cannot do it I mean it’s hard

you’re gonna look crazy this shit took years to slowly like just to even get

out of the the box of oh the guy with the cowboy hat that’s all he wears

he only wears cowboy hats like you’re not I literally was told no one’s gonna know who you are if you take it off

no one’s even gonna recognize who the fuck

you are like you’re totally throwing your whole image and brand in the trash like don’t fight it that’s what you are that’s the only way you’ll be

appreciated that’s your whole worth is what you put on your head


by slowly like doing other characters and you know fuck around do some shit on Facebook

they like did good or you fuck around do some shit like the Canelo thing

NTFG:       have you heard feedback from Canelo Alvarez himself about your impression

CHINGO:        nah he might have heard of me

he might I don’t know

but regardless if he knows or not the people know because I’ve been to a few Canelo fights and I’m dressed I’ll be dressed like regular

some little jewelry or whatever

and that we had to get security to get out

the place in Vegas he fought, Lara, the little Cuban dude from Houston

boy that motherfucker was running

Lara was just

and Canelo’s like

chingado guey, ya guey, esperate guey

ya fight me puto

and then we were leaving

and it was like oh shit Chingo Bling, Chingo Bling

like I’m very proud of that accomplishment I’m

not just this one this one thing

like yes it took time and it was like a crazy

how’d it like navigate that whole little time period and to come out with

this mthfkcrs on Netflix, he’s doin’ stand-up

like I’m super grateful that that

my fans grew up with me

like I grew up and my fans also grew up

so we don’t we

don’t do the same shit we used to do

now I’m more of a family man now


NTFG:             tell me about the Neflix special how did that change things?


CHINGO:        I actually have a few jokes about like

how it affected my life

Netflix called they’re like man you

broke a record

you’re the first comedian on here that still doesn’t have his own

Netflix account

and password you know

when you gonna sign up you know

you’re making us look bad

it’s only a few dollars a month do we

have to take it out of your check

but I went into it telling myself like let’s

pretend this motherfucker belly flops

and the day after it comes out Netflix

is like man we’re gonna take it off

because of the titles controversial

someone complained like you said too many bad words like it whatever or it

does well that can even affect you like worse

you know basically don’t get the

big head in case this shit really fucking happens

I went into it knowing

like hey man regardless of what this does you got to keep moving

you got to keep going what if there was bad reviews are like this muhfucka ain’t

funny fuck this dude

what are you gonna do?

motherfucker go into it already

knowing like we already thinking about the follow up

this this is the setup the

real punchline is coming


NTFG:             do you feel like it has brought more legitimacy to your stand-up?

CHINGO:        for sure

in a lot of people’s minds

because you have that as

seen on Netflix Chingo Bling thing

yeah on the marquee, yeah the marquees I mean

but here’s a beautiful thing

my shows were, thankfully, they were selling out before that

NTFG:             if you’re ready for the 3rd shot…

what can fans expect next from Chingo Bling?

CHINGO:        I might fuck around put out a book

that’s like a culture translator

like I mean I might do some book I don’t know

what the fuck I’m gonna do

you know I guess we gotta wait for this Netflix check to

run out so I can get my grind on really

but that hoe still sitting right there

I ain’t even touched yet player

y’all done fucked up

I want to do some

shit that just cuts through the noise

to where it’s like oh man this is the story

I want this I wanted to see it go down like

there’s this kid from Texas they

just made a fucking hood movie it’s funnier than a motherfucker and

everybody’s trying to be a part of it like watch it buy it they want the

poster they want to know if it’s going to theaters like the screening like like

the story, the writing, the comedian, the actors, is to where it’s like it’s our

fucking time so now just matter just doing it now right

ya, Chingo stop talking fool, like go

NTFG:             Chingo, thank you for joining us on 3 Shots 3 Questions

CHINGO:        for sure

cheers, cheers brotha


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