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I begin each week thinking about the next Nine To Five Guy blog so readers always have something fresh to chew on over the weekend, but there are some classic blogs that always deliver on taste.  According to the numbers, there are 5 blogs consistently serving up daily doses of deliciousness for readers.

Here are the Top 5 Nine To Five Guy blogs. CLICK THE TITLE to read the story.

1. 5 Best Coffee Shops in (and around) McAllen

Either everyone loves coffee or caffeinated readers like to read things twice because this blog is by far the most popular article on the website.

Inside info: I take my coffee black with two cubes of ice.

MoonBeans Coffee | photo credit: Valleyite

I love a great hamburger, and apparently I’m not alone.  Burger blogs hold the 2nd & 3rd spots in the ranking, so I decided to label them 2a and 2b.

2a. 5 Best Burgers in (and around) McAllen: Part 2

I ate burgers every day for lunch the week I wrote this blog.  It’s not as fun as it sounds. I was noticeably slower and heavier.

Pro Tip: Everything in moderation.

Big Island Burger – Drifter’s Hamburgers | photo credit: BRNDHub

2b. 5 Best Burgers in McAllen

3. Top 5 Dives in McAllen

Dive bars are my favorite places for drinks. The combination of stiff drinks at affordable prices and “come as you are” attitude always makes for good times.  Even if you don’t remember half the night.

Two words: Skean Dhu

4. 3 Best Bets for Breakfast in McAllen

The most important meal of the day is also a popular one amongst readers. The love this blog received pleasantly surprised me. My hypothesis on its popularity has to do with the relationship between coffee and breakfast.

Inside Info: Wheat pancakes are my favorite thing to have for breakfast, but I rarely eat them.

Rex Cafe & Bakery – Biscuits

5. Top 10 Bars in McAllen for Singles

This blog is the most recent article on the list, and I don’t need to explain why. Who’s thirsty?

Pro Tip: The answer is always no if you don’t ask the question. Take a chance.

It’s evident food and alcohol are popular topics amongst readers, so I make sure to sprinkle in stories to let readers know where the best places to indulge are. I would love to hear from you though! What would you like me to write about? Leave your answers in the comment section below, and sign up for the Nine To Five Guy Newsletter to keep up with the latest and greatest in (and around) McAllen.

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