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5 Freshest Juice Bars in McAllen

You’ve scarfed down the best burgers in McAllen and even sampled the top cocktail bars in town–now it’s time for a detox. Valleyites have adopted the juicing lifestyle faster than you can knock back a shot of wheatgrass. From holistic oases to mobile and drive thru versions, these juice bars make it easy to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables in liquid form. Here are the 5 freshest juice bars in McAllen.

Earth Born Market – 4508 N. Taylor Rd
If you venture to the far reaches of McAllen’s western border you will find, nestled amongst the citrus orchards of Sharyland, the juicy gem known as Earth Born Market (formerly Klement’s Grove). Earth Born Market’s farm-to-bottle cold-pressed juices use exotic fruits and vegetables sourced from local Rio Grande Valley farms, with the majority coming from South Tex Organics in neighboring Mission, Texas. This purveyor of fresh-squeezed organic tonics has an all-star lineup of flavor-forward juices with names like Tangi-Green, Royal Red, Fountain of Youth and Strong Buzz, to name a few. I opted for the vibrant red Root Juice, which delivers three pounds of nutrient-rich beets, carrots, sweet potatoes and ginger in a freshly sealed 16.9 fluid ounce bottle.   Earth Born Market offers its premium-quality juices year-round, but peak season for the family-owned business is during harvest season, November through April, when the health food boutique offers more locally grown, fresh, natural and organic products than any big box store in South Texas.

Earth Born Market (signage from former Klement's Grove)

Earth Born Market (signage from former Klement’s Grove) | photo credit: BRNDHub

Insider Tip: Try one of its new, off-menu juices: Mint Mojo (watermelon, lemon, mint) or Aloha (pineapple, apple, cucumber, lemon, mint)

Root Juice - Earth Born Market

Root Juice – Earth Born Market

The Healing Factory3400 N. McColl Rd
The moment you step foot into The Healing Factory you’re surrounded with positive vibes and feel your chi at an all-time high, and that’s before sipping on one of its daily, fresh-pressed juices. Its holistic approach makes juicing a lifestyle not a fad, focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit through its cold-pressed libations. This urban oasis of wellness isn’t only about juicing though. It offers healing from the inside out through its yoga classes, Reiki sessions and massage therapy, so you can have your juice fix while feeling virtuous at the same time. Satisfy your seven chakras while imbibing the popular Prana, made with beet, cucumber, green apple and carrot. It’s the ultimate juice destination if you’re looking to cleanse, energize and alkalize your mind, body and spirit. Namaste.

Insider Tip: Belly up to the bar and have a shot of not-so-commonly-found chlorophyll, which is said to help with satiety and metabolism.

The Healing Factory

The Healing Factory

Shake Express6308 N. 10th Street
The main ingredient in Shake Express’ recipe to success is convenience. It’s the only juice joint on the list with drive-thru service, and thirsty shoppers have been fueling up on feel-good, on-the-go refreshments since doors opened in April. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience at Shake Express though. It uses high-quality, locally sourced produce when creating fan-favorite concoctions like the 1629, which features watermelon, pineapple, coconut water, beets, lime and Himalayan sea salt. If you’re really looking for a wellness overhaul, Shake Express offers a 7-day detox to give your body the juice-cleanse reboot it needs to flush your system and start fresh.

1600s Juice - Shake Express

1600s Juice – Shake Express

Insider Tip: You can pre-order bottled, cold pressed juices over the weekend and pick them up fresh on Monday for maximum potency and freshness.

1629 Juice - Shake Express

1629 Juice – Shake Express

Nectar Avenue6201 N. 10th Street
Think of Nectar Avenue as a made-to-order juice bar on wheels because that’s exactly what it is. The mobile juice machine was the first food truck to offer fresh, flavorful concoctions when the mobile eatery craze hit McAllen a little more than a year ago. Try the crowd-pleasing Madonna’s Secret, which uses carrot, kale, beet, parsley, lime and ginger. You can find Nectar Avenue posted up in the Bike Masters parking lot most days or at the McAllen Food Park during special events. Follow its Facebook page to keep up with the whereabouts of this thirst-quenching juice mobile.

Madonna's Secret - Nectar Avenue

Madonna’s Secret – Nectar Avenue | photo credit: BRNDHub

Green Owl Deli2901 N. 10th Street, Ste G
Primarily known for its commitment to vegetarian and vegan cuisine amongst locavores, Green Owl Deli also offers up your daily sustenance in liquid form. Its cold-pressed juices feature raw, organic ingredients in glass bottles, ensuring the highest quality in freshness and flavor possible.   Sip on healthy staples like Purify with kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, lemon and ginger root, or cleanse your weekend woes with its Carbon Activated Lemonade, which features activated charcoal to help absorb last night’s bad decisions.

Green Owl Deli

Green Owl Deli | photo credit: BRNDHub

Whether you need a post-party remedy or a midday pick-me-up, juicing offers healthful benefits like no other, and you can get your daily dose without feeling like your sipping on a cupful of lawnmower trimmings.   The next time you need to quench your thirst on a sunny South Texas Summer day, try one of these juicy beverage stops. Your complexion, metabolism and immune system will thank you.

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